Nebraska Revised Statute 39-2813

Chapter 39


Request for qualifications for design-build proposals and progressive design-build proposals; publication; short list created.

(1) A contracting agency shall prepare a request for qualifications for design-build and progressive design-build proposals and shall prequalify design-builders and progressive design-builders. The request for qualifications shall describe the project in sufficient detail to permit a design-builder or a progressive design-builder to respond. The request for qualifications shall identify the maximum number of design-builders or progressive design-builders the contracting agency will place on a short list as qualified and eligible to receive a request for proposals.

(2) A person or organization hired by the contracting agency under section 39-2810 shall be ineligible to compete for a design-build contract on the same project for which the person or organization was hired.

(3) The request for qualifications shall be (a) published in a newspaper of statewide circulation at least thirty days prior to the deadline for receiving the request for qualifications and (b) sent by first-class mail to any design-builder or progressive design-builder upon request.

(4) The contracting agency shall create a short list of qualified and eligible design-builders or progressive design-builders in accordance with the guidelines adopted pursuant to section 39-2811. The contracting agency shall select at least two prospective design-builders or progressive design-builders, except that if only one design-builder or progressive design-builder has responded to the request for qualifications, the contracting agency may, in its discretion, proceed or cancel the procurement. The request for proposals shall be sent only to the design-builders or progressive design-builders placed on the short list.