Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1817

Chapter 39


Roads; water impoundment structure; when permitted; liability.

The county board of any county may, in accordance with sections 39-1817 to 39-1820, enter into an agreement with any agency or political subdivision of the state approving the construction of a water impoundment structure which, when completed, may result in the occasional and temporary storage or flowage of floodwaters upon, across, or adjacent to any road classified as a local road or remote residential road. Any such agreement may include such terms regarding the maintenance of such road or other matters incident to the construction and operation of such water impoundment structure as the parties to the agreement determine to be mutually acceptable. Conformance with sections 39-1817 to 39-1820 shall relieve the county board and all other parties to any such agreement of any liability for personal injury or property damage suffered by any person while utilizing any such road for travel during a period of inundation.