Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1337

Chapter 39


State highway system and highway approach; department; construction, maintenance, control; improvement; sufficiency rating.

(1) The construction, maintenance, protection, and control of the state highway system shall be under the authority and responsibility of the department, except as otherwise provided in sections 39-1339 and 39-1372.

(2) The construction, reconstruction, relocation, improvement, or maintenance of a highway approach damaged or destroyed due to (a) an extreme weather event or (b) faulty engineering shall be under the authority and responsibility of the department. The department may seek reimbursement from any party responsible for causing faulty engineering.

(3) The relative urgency of proposed improvements on the state highway system and highway approaches shall be determined by a sufficiency rating established by the department, insofar as the use of such a rating is deemed practicable. The sufficiency rating shall include, but not be limited to, the following factors: (a) Surface condition, (b) economic factors, (c) safety, and (d) service.


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  • Laws 2022, LB750, § 4.
  • Operative Date: July 21, 2022