Nebraska Revised Statute 39-102

Chapter 39 Section 102


Rules and regulations; promulgated by Department of Transportation to promote public safety.

In order to promote public safety, to preserve and protect state highways, and to prevent immoderate and destructive use of state highways, the Department of Transportation may formulate, adopt, and promulgate rules and regulations in regard to the use of and travel upon the state highways consistent with Chapter 39 and the Nebraska Rules of the Road. Such rules and regulations may include specifications, standards, limitations, conditions, requirements, definitions, enumerations, descriptions, procedures, prohibitions, restrictions, instructions, controls, guidelines, and classifications relative to the following:

(1) The issuance or denial of special permits for the travel of vehicles or objects exceeding statutory size and weight capacities upon the highways as authorized by section 60-6,298;

(2) Qualification and prequalification of contractors, including, but not limited to, maximum and minimum qualifications, ratings, classifications, classes of contractors or classes of work, or both, and procedures to be followed;

(3) The setting of special load restrictions as provided in Chapter 39 and the Nebraska Rules of the Road;

(4) The placing, location, occupancy, erection, construction, or maintenance, upon any highway or area within the right-of-way, of any pole line, pipeline, or other utility located above, on, or under the level of the ground in such area;

(5) Protection and preservation of trees, shrubbery, plantings, buildings, structures, and all other things located upon any highway or any portion of the right-of-way of any highway by the department;

(6) Applications for the location of, and location of, private driveways, commercial approach roads, facilities, things, or appurtenances upon the right-of-way of state highways, including, but not limited to, procedures for applications for permits therefor and standards for the issuance or denial of such permits, based on highway traffic safety, and the foregoing may include reapplication for permits and applications for permits for existing facilities, and in any event, issuance of permits may also be conditioned upon approval of the design of such facilities;

(7) Outdoor advertising signs, displays, and devices in areas where the department is authorized by law to exercise such controls; and

(8) The Grade Crossing Protection Fund provided for in section 74-1317, including, but not limited to, authority for application, procedures on application, effect of application, procedures for and effect of granting such applications, and standards and specifications governing the type of control thereunder.

This section shall not amend or derogate any other grant of power or authority to the department to make or promulgate rules and regulations but shall be additional and supplementary thereto.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Rules of the Road, see section 60-601.