Nebraska Revised Statute 38-805

Chapter 38


Practice of chiropractic, defined.

(1) Practice of chiropractic means one or a combination of the following, without the use of drugs or surgery:

(a) The diagnosis and analysis of the living human body for the purpose of detecting ailments, disorders, and disease by the use of diagnostic X-ray, physical and clinical examination, and routine procedures including urine analysis; or

(b) The science and art of treating human ailments, disorders, and disease by locating and removing any interference with the transmission and expression of nerve energy in the human body by chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic physiotherapy, and the use of exercise, nutrition, dietary guidance, and colonic irrigation.

(2) The use of X-rays beyond the axial skeleton as described in subdivision (1)(a) of this section shall be solely for diagnostic purposes and shall not expand the practice of chiropractic to include the treatment of human ailments, disorders, and disease not permitted when the use of X-rays was limited to the axial skeleton.



  • A chiropractor's opinion that a patient suffered traumatic brain injury was not admissible because the diagnostic methods used to reach the diagnosis fell outside the scope of statutorily defined chiropractic practice. Yagodinski v. Sutton, 309 Neb. 179, 959 N.W.2d 541 (2021).