Nebraska Revised Statute 38-613

Chapter 38


Permitted practice described in practice agreement; supervision; settings; subject to review by board; rules and regulations.

(1) The specific medical functions to be performed by a certified nurse midwife within the scope of permitted practice prescribed by section 38-611 shall be described in the practice agreement which shall be reviewed and approved by the board. A copy of the agreement shall be maintained on file with the board as a condition of lawful practice under the Certified Nurse Midwifery Practice Act.

(2) A certified nurse midwife shall perform the functions detailed in the practice agreement only under the supervision of the licensed practitioner responsible for the medical care of the patients described in the practice agreement. If the collaborating licensed practitioner named in the practice agreement becomes temporarily unavailable, the certified nurse midwife may perform the authorized medical functions only under the supervision of another licensed practitioner designated as a temporary substitute for that purpose by the collaborating licensed practitioner.

(3) A certified nurse midwife may perform authorized medical functions only in the following settings:

(a) In a licensed or certified health care facility as an employee or as a person granted privileges by the facility;

(b) In the primary office of a licensed practitioner or in any setting authorized by the collaborating licensed practitioner, except that a certified nurse midwife shall not attend a home delivery; or

(c) Within an organized public health agency.

(4) The department shall, after consultations with the board, adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the Certified Nurse Midwifery Practice Act.