Nebraska Revised Statute 38-524

Chapter 38


Audiology or speech-language pathology assistant; acts prohibited.

An audiology or speech-language pathology assistant shall not:

(1) Evaluate or diagnose any type of communication disorder;

(2) Evaluate or diagnose any type of dysphagia;

(3) Interpret evaluation results or treatment progress;

(4) Consult or counsel, independent of the licensed audiologist or speech-language pathologist, with a patient, a patient's family, or staff regarding the nature or degree of communication disorders or dysphagia;

(5) Plan patient treatment programs;

(6) Represent himself or herself as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist or as a provider of speech, language, swallowing, or hearing treatment or assessment services;

(7) Independently initiate, modify, or terminate any treatment program; or

(8) Fit or dispense hearing instruments.