Nebraska Revised Statute 38-3119

Chapter 38 Section 3119


Temporary practice permitted; when.

Nothing in the Psychology Practice Act shall be construed to prohibit the practice of psychology in this state by a person holding a doctoral degree in psychology from an institution of higher education who is licensed as a psychologist under the laws of another jurisdiction if the requirements for a license in the other jurisdiction are equal to or exceed the requirements for licensure in Nebraska and if the person provides no more than an aggregate of thirty days of professional services as a psychologist per year as defined in the rules and regulations. Psychologists practicing under this section shall notify the department of the nature and location of their practice and provide evidence of their licensure in another jurisdiction.

Upon determination that the applicant has met the requirements of this section, the department shall issue a letter permitting the practice. An individual's permission to practice under this section may be revoked if it is determined by the department that he or she has engaged in conduct defined as illegal, unprofessional, or unethical under the statutes, rules, or regulations governing the practice of psychology in Nebraska.