Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2526

Chapter 38 Section 2526


Occupational therapist; services authorized.

An occupational therapist may perform the following services:

(1) Evaluate, develop, improve, sustain, or restore skills in activities of daily living, work activities, or productive activities, including instrumental activities of daily living, and play and leisure activities;

(2) Evaluate, develop, remediate, or restore sensorimotor, cognitive, or psychosocial components of performance;

(3) Design, fabricate, apply, or train in the use of assistive technology or orthotic devices and train in the use of prosthetic devices;

(4) Adapt environments and processes, including the application of ergonomic principles, to enhance performance and safety in daily life roles;

(5) If certified pursuant to section 38-2530, apply physical agent modalities as an adjunct to or in preparation for engagement in occupations when applied by a practitioner who has documented evidence of possessing the theoretical background and technical skills for safe and competent use;

(6) Evaluate and provide intervention in collaboration with the client, family, caregiver, or others;

(7) Educate the client, family, caregiver, or others in carrying out appropriate nonskilled interventions; and

(8) Consult with groups, programs, organizations, or communities to provide population-based services.