Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2521

Chapter 38 Section 2521


Continuing competency requirements; waiver.

The department, with the recommendation of the board, may waive continuing competency requirements, in part or in total, for any two-year licensing period when a licensee submits documentation that circumstances beyond his or her control prevented completion of such requirements as provided in section 38-146. In addition to circumstances determined by the department to be beyond the licensee's control pursuant to such section, such circumstances shall include situations in which:

(1) The licensee holds a Nebraska license but does not reside or practice in Nebraska;

(2) The licensee has submitted proof that he or she was suffering from a serious or disabling illness or physical disability which prevented completion of the required continuing competency activities during the twenty-four months preceding the license renewal date; and

(3) The licensee has successfully completed two or more semester hours of formal credit instruction biennially offered by a school or college approved by the board which contributes to meeting the requirements of an advanced degree in a postgraduate program relating to occupational therapy.