Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2518

Chapter 38 Section 2518


Occupational therapist; license; application; requirements.

(1) An applicant applying for a license as an occupational therapist shall show to the satisfaction of the department that he or she:

(a) Has successfully completed the academic requirements of an educational program in occupational therapy recognized by the department and accredited by a nationally recognized medical association or nationally recognized occupational therapy association;

(b) Has successfully completed a period of supervised fieldwork experience at an educational institution approved by the department and where the applicant's academic work was completed or which is part of a training program approved by such educational institution. A minimum of six months of supervised fieldwork experience shall be required for an occupational therapist; and

(c) Has passed an examination as provided in section 38-2520.

(2) In the case of an applicant who has been trained as an occupational therapist in a foreign country, the applicant shall:

(a) Present documentation of completion of an educational program in occupational therapy that is substantially equivalent to an approved program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education or by an equivalent accrediting agency as determined by the board;

(b) Present proof of proficiency in the English language; and

(c) Have passed an examination as provided in section 38-2520.

(3) Residency in this state shall not be a requirement of licensure. A corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or association shall not be licensed as an occupational therapist pursuant to the Occupational Therapy Practice Act.


Cross References

  • Credentialing, general requirements and issuance procedures, see section 38-121 et seq.