Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2217

Chapter 38


Nursing; license; required.

In the interest of health and morals and the safeguarding of life, any person practicing or offering to practice nursing in this state for compensation or gratuitously, except as provided in section 38-2218, shall submit satisfactory evidence as provided in the Nurse Practice Act that he or she is qualified to so practice and is licensed as provided by the act. Except as provided in section 38-2218, the practice or attempted practice of nursing, the holding out or attempted holding out of oneself as a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse, or the use of any title, abbreviation, card, or device to indicate that such a person is practicing nursing is unlawful unless such person has been duly licensed and registered according to the provisions of the act. The practice of nursing by any such unlicensed person or by a nurse whose license has been suspended, revoked, or expired or is on inactive status is declared to be a danger to the public health and welfare.