Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2033

Chapter 38


Osteopathic physician; license; scope.

(1) With respect to licenses issued pursuant to sections 38-2031 and 38-2032 and any renewals thereof, the department shall designate the extent of such practice as follows:

(a) License to practice as an osteopathic physician; or

(b) License to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery.

(2) Every license issued under sections 38-2031 and 38-2032 shall confer upon the holder thereof the right to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery as taught in the schools or colleges of osteopathic medicine recognized by the American Osteopathic Association in the manner and to the extent provided by such license.



  • The practice of obstetrics and the use of anaesthetics, though not within the definition of osteopathy, has by legislative action been included within the scope of the license to practice osteopathy. State ex rel. Johnson v. Wagner, 139 Neb. 471, 297 N.W. 906 (1941).