Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1920

Chapter 38


Dental hygienists and dental assistants; exemptions from act.

(1) Persons authorized under the Dentistry Practice Act to practice as dental hygienists and dental assistants who meet the requirements of section 38-1135 shall not be required to be licensed under the Medical Radiography Practice Act.

(2) The department may exempt certain users of sources of radiation from licensing requirements established under the Medical Radiography Practice Act when the board finds that the exemption will not constitute a significant risk to occupational and public health and safety and the environment.

(3) Individuals who are currently licensed in the State of Nebraska as podiatrists, chiropractors, dentists, physicians and surgeons, osteopathic physicians, physician assistants, and veterinarians shall be exempt from the rules and regulations of the department pertaining to the qualifications of persons for the use of X-ray radiation-generating equipment operated for diagnostic purposes.

Cross References

  • Dentistry Practice Act, see section 38-1101.