Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1917

Chapter 38


Student; provisions not applicable; temporary medical radiographer license; term; applicability of section.

(1) The requirements of sections 38-1915 and 38-1916 do not apply to a student while enrolled and participating in an educational program in medical radiography who, as a part of an educational program, applies X-rays to humans while under the supervision of the licensed practitioners or medical radiographers associated with the educational program. Students who have completed at least twelve months of the training course described in subsection (1) of section 38-1918 may apply for licensure as a temporary medical radiographer. Temporary medical radiographer licenses issued under this section shall expire eighteen months after issuance and shall not be renewed. Persons licensed under this section as temporary medical radiographers shall be permitted to perform the duties of a limited radiographer licensed in all anatomical regions of subdivision (2)(b) of section 38-1918 and Abdomen.

(2) This section shall not apply to a temporary credential issued as provided under section 38-129.01.