Nebraska Revised Statute 38-190

Chapter 38


Petition for disciplinary action; disposition prior to order; methods; Attorney General; duties.

(1) Any petition filed pursuant to section 38-186 may, at any time prior to the entry of any order by the director, be disposed of by stipulation, agreed settlement, consent order, or similar method as agreed to between the parties. A proposed settlement shall be submitted and considered in camera and shall not be a public record unless accepted by the director. The director may review the input provided to the Attorney General by the board pursuant to subsection (2) of this section. If the settlement is acceptable to the director, he or she shall make it the sole basis of any order he or she enters in the matter, and it may be modified or added to by the director only upon the mutual consent of both of the parties thereto. If the settlement is not acceptable to the director, it shall not be admissible in any subsequent hearing and it shall not be considered in any manner as an admission.

(2) The Attorney General shall not enter into any agreed settlement or dismiss any petition without first having given notice of the proposed action and an opportunity to the appropriate board to provide input into the terms of the settlement or on dismissal. The board shall have fifteen days from the date of the Attorney General's request to respond, but the recommendation of the board, if any, shall not be binding on the Attorney General. Meetings of the board for such purpose shall be in closed session, and any recommendation by the board to the Attorney General shall not be a public record until the pending action is complete, except that if the director reviews the input provided to the Attorney General by the board as provided in subsection (1) of this section, the credential holder shall also be provided a copy of the input and opportunity to respond in such manner as the director determines.