Nebraska Revised Statute 38-187

Chapter 38


Credential; discipline; petition; form; other pleadings.

The following rules shall govern the form of the petition in cases brought pursuant to section 38-186:

(1) The state shall be named as plaintiff and the credential holder as defendant;

(2) The charges against the credential holder shall be stated with reasonable definiteness;

(3) Amendments may be made as in ordinary actions in the district court; and

(4) All allegations shall be deemed denied, but the credential holder may plead thereto if he or she desires.



  • Under former law, the complaint was sufficient if it informed the accused of the nature of the wrong laid to his charge and of the particular instance of its perpetration. Munk v. Frink, 75 Neb. 172, 106 N.W. 425 (1905).