Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1517

Chapter 38


Licensee; disciplinary action; additional grounds.

In addition to the grounds for disciplinary action found in sections 38-178 and 38-179, a credential issued under the Hearing Instrument Specialists Practice Act may be denied, refused renewal, limited, revoked, or suspended or have other disciplinary measures taken against it in accordance with section 38-196 when the applicant or credential holder is found guilty of any of the following acts or offenses:

(1) Fitting and selling a hearing instrument to a child under the age of sixteen who has not been examined and cleared for hearing instrument use within a six-month period by an otolaryngologist without a signed waiver by the legal guardian. This subdivision shall not apply to the replacement with an identical model of any hearing instrument within one year of its purchase;

(2) Any other condition or acts which violate the Trade Practice Rules for the Hearing Aid Industry of the Federal Trade Commission or the Food and Drug Administration; or

(3) Violation of any provision of the Hearing Instrument Specialists Practice Act.