Nebraska Revised Statute 38-147

Chapter 38


Credential; reinstatement; application; department; powers.

(1) Any person who desires to reinstate a credential after the date of expiration or from inactive to active status shall apply to the department for reinstatement. The credential may be reinstated upon the receipt of evidence of meeting the renewal requirements, or the requirements specified under the practice act for the appropriate profession, which are in effect at the time the credential holder applies to regain active status and payment of reinstatement and renewal fees if applicable.

(2) The department, with the recommendation of the appropriate board, may deny an application for reinstatement or may issue the credential subject to any of the terms of section 38-196 if the applicant has committed any of the acts set out in section 38-178.

(3) A credential holder who elected to have his or her credential placed on lapsed status prior to December 1, 2008, may have the credential reinstated in accordance with this section.