Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1428

Chapter 38


Funeral director and embalmer; principal services; statement of costs.

A written statement, signed by the funeral director and embalmer or legal representative, of all principal services and furnishings to be supplied by the funeral director and embalmer for the preparation and burial or cremation of the deceased, together with the actual cost of the services including the total actual costs, shall be given to the next of kin or other person responsible for the making of the funeral arrangements prior to the burial or disposition of the deceased. For purposes of this section principal services shall include, but not be limited to, the casket, outer receptacle, facilities and equipment, professional services, nonlocal transportation, clothing, an itemization of all cash advances, and sales tax. A copy of such statement, signed by the person to whom it was tendered, shall be retained in the records of the funeral director and embalmer for a period of at least two years.