Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1409

Chapter 38


Embalming, defined.

(1) Embalming means the practice of preparing a dead human body for burial or other final disposal by a licensed funeral director and embalmer or an apprentice, requesting and obtaining burial or removal permits, or assuming any of the other duties incident to the practice of embalming.

(2) Any person who publicly professes to be a funeral director and embalmer or an apprentice is deemed to be practicing embalming.

(3) The performance of the following acts is also deemed to be the practice of embalming: (a) The disinfection and preservation of dead human beings, entire or in part; and (b) the attempted disinfection and preservation thereof by the use or application of chemical substances, fluids, or gases ordinarily used, prepared, or intended for such purposes, either by outward application of such chemical substances, fluids, or gases on the body or by introducing them into the body, by vascular or hypodermic injection, or by direct introduction into the organs or cavities.