Nebraska Revised Statute 38-124

Chapter 38


Credential holder's advertisement; contents; credential; availability; identity of profession or business.

(1) Any credential holder's advertisement for health care services shall identify the type of credential or credentials held by the credential holder pursuant to the definitions, titles, and abbreviations authorized under the practice act applicable to his or her credential or credentials or the examination designations required for a credential under the practice act applicable to his or her credential or credentials. The advertisement shall not include deceptive or misleading information and shall not include any affirmative communication or representation that misstates, falsely describes, or falsely represents the skills, training, expertise, education, board certification, or credential or credentials of the credential holder.

(2) Every person credentialed under the Uniform Credentialing Act shall make his or her current credential available upon request. The department, with the recommendation of the appropriate board, if any, shall determine how a consumer will be able to identify a credential holder. The method of identification shall be clear and easily accessed and used by the consumer. All signs, announcements, stationery, and advertisements of persons credentialed under the act shall identify the profession or business for which the credential is held.