Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1224

Chapter 38 Section 1224


Duties and activities authorized; limitations.

(1) An out-of-hospital emergency care provider other than a first responder or an emergency medical responder as classified under section 38-1217 may not assume the duties incident to the title or practice the skills of an out-of-hospital emergency care provider unless he or she is employed by or serving as a volunteer member of an emergency medical service licensed by the department.

(2) An out-of-hospital emergency care provider may only practice the skills he or she is authorized to employ and which are covered by the license issued to such provider pursuant to the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act.

(3) An emergency medical technician-intermediate, an emergency medical technician-paramedic, an advanced emergency medical technician, or a paramedic may volunteer or be employed at a hospital as defined in section 71-419 or a health clinic as defined in section 71-416 to perform activities within his or her scope of practice within such hospital or health clinic under the supervision of a registered nurse, a physician assistant, or a physician. Such activities shall be performed in a manner established in rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the department, with the recommendation of the board.