Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1203

Chapter 38


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds:

(1) That emergency medical care is a primary and essential health care service and that the presence of an adequately equipped ambulance and trained emergency care providers may be the difference between life and death or permanent disability to those persons in Nebraska making use of such services in an emergency;

(2) That effective delivery of emergency medical care may be assisted by a program of training and licensure of emergency care providers and licensure of emergency medical services in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the board;

(3) That the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act is essential to aid in advancing the quality of care being provided by emergency care providers and by emergency medical services and the provision of effective, practical, and economical delivery of emergency medical care in the State of Nebraska;

(4) That the services to be delivered by emergency care providers are complex and demanding and that training and other requirements appropriate for delivery of the services must be constantly reviewed and updated; and

(5) That the enactment of a regulatory system that can respond to changing needs of patients and emergency care providers and emergency medical services is in the best interests of the residents of Nebraska.