Nebraska Revised Statute 38-10,128

Chapter 38


Nail technician or instructor; licensure by examination; requirements.

In order to be licensed as a nail technician or nail technology instructor by examination, an individual shall meet, and present to the department evidence of meeting, the following requirements:

(1) He or she has attained the age of seventeen years on or before the beginning date of the examination for which application is being made;

(2) He or she has completed formal education equivalent to a United States high school education;

(3) He or she possesses sufficient ability to read the English language to permit the applicant to practice in a safe manner, as evidenced by successful completion of the written examination; and

(4) He or she has graduated from a school of cosmetology or nail technology school providing a nail technology program. Evidence of graduation shall include documentation of the total number of hours of training earned and a diploma or certificate from the school to the effect that the applicant has complied with the following:

(a) For licensure as a nail technician, the program of studies shall consist of three hundred hours; and

(b) For licensure as a nail technology instructor, the program of studies shall consist of three hundred hours beyond the program of studies required for licensure as a nail technician and the individual shall be currently licensed as a nail technician in Nebraska as evidenced by possession of a valid Nebraska nail technician license.

The department shall grant a license in the appropriate category to any person meeting the requirements specified in this section.

Cross References

  • Credentialing, general requirements and issuance procedures, see section 38-121 et seq.