Nebraska Revised Statute 38-10,121

Chapter 38


Home services permit; requirements.

In order to maintain in good standing or renew its home services permit, a salon shall at all times operate in accordance with all requirements for operation, maintain its license in good standing, and comply with the following requirements:

(1)(a) Clients receiving home services shall be in emergency or persistent circumstances which shall generally be defined as any condition sufficiently immobilizing to prevent the client from leaving his or her residence regularly to conduct routine affairs of daily living such as grocery shopping, visiting friends and relatives, attending social events, attending worship services, and other similar activities.

(b) Emergency or persistent circumstances may include such conditions or situations as:

(i) Chronic illness or injury leaving the client bedridden or with severely restricted mobility;

(ii) Extreme general infirmity such as that associated with the aging process;

(iii) Temporary conditions including, but not limited to, immobilizing injury and recuperation from serious illness or surgery;

(iv) Having sole responsibility for the care of an invalid dependent or a mentally disabled person requiring constant attention;

(v) Mental disability that significantly limits the client in areas of functioning described in subdivision (1)(a) of this section; or

(vi) Any other conditions that, in the opinion of the department, meet the general definition of emergency or persistent circumstances;

(2) The salon shall determine that each person receiving home services meets the requirements of subdivision (1) of this section and shall:

(a) Complete a client information form supplied by the department before home services may be provided to any client; and

(b) Keep on file the client information forms of all clients it is currently providing with home services or to whom it has provided such services within the past two years;

(3) The salon shall employ or contract with persons licensed under the Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Body Art Practice Act to provide home services and shall not permit any person to perform any home services under its authority for which he or she is not licensed;

(4) No client shall be left unattended while any chemical service is in progress or while any electrical appliance is in use; and

(5) Each salon providing home services shall post a daily itinerary for each licensee providing home services. The kit for each licensee shall be available for inspection at the salon or at the home of the client receiving services.