Nebraska Revised Statute 37-513

Chapter 37


Shooting at wildlife from highway or roadway; violation; penalty; trapping in county road right-of-way; county; powers; limitation on traps.

(1) It shall be unlawful to shoot at any wildlife from any highway or roadway, which includes that area of land from the center of the traveled surface to the right-of-way on either side. Any person violating this subsection shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor and shall be fined at least five hundred dollars.

(2)(a) Any county may adopt a resolution having the force and effect of law to prohibit the trapping of wildlife in the county road right-of-way or in a certain area of the right-of-way as designated by the county.

(b) A person trapping wildlife in a county road right-of-way is not allowed to use traps in the county road right-of-way that are larger than those allowed by the commission as of February 1, 2009, on any land owned or controlled by the commission.

(c) For purposes of this subsection, county road right-of-way means the area which has been designated a part of the county road system and which has not been vacated pursuant to law.