Nebraska Revised Statute 37-512

Chapter 37


Transfer of raw fur by carriers; document required; penalty.

Every express company and common carrier, their officers, agents, and servants, and every other person who (1) transfers or carries from one point to another within the state, (2) takes out of the state, or (3) receives, for the purpose of transferring from this state, any raw furs protected by the Game Law, except as permitted in this section, shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor. Any express company, railroad, common carrier, or postmaster may receive raw furs protected by the Game Law for transportation from one point to another by express, baggage, or mail when such raw fur is accompanied by a document placed upon the package giving the name of the consignee, the number of his or her fur-harvesting permit, the date of expiration of the permit which must be on or after the date of shipment, and a description of the kind and number of each kind of raw fur in the shipment.