Nebraska Revised Statute 37-484

Chapter 37


Game breeding and controlled shooting area; license; application; fee.

Any person or persons owning, holding, or controlling by lease or otherwise, which possession must be for a term of five or more years, any tract or tracts of land having an area of not less than eighty acres and not more than two thousand five hundred sixty acres who desires to establish a game breeding and controlled shooting area to propagate, preserve, and shoot game birds under the regulations as provided in sections 37-484 to 37-496 shall make application to the commission for a license as provided by such sections. Such application shall be made under oath of the applicant or one of its principal officers if the applicant is an association, club, or corporation and shall be accompanied by a license fee of not more than one hundred ninety-eight dollars, as established by the commission pursuant to section 37-327. Any controlled shooting area existing on February 18, 1987, shall continue in operation on the existing acreage until such controlled shooting area license is not renewed or canceled. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's social security number.