Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1727

Chapter 37


Construction manager-general contractor contract; request for proposals; contents.

The commission shall prepare a request for proposals for each construction manager-general contractor contract. The request for proposals shall contain, at a minimum, the following elements:

(1) The guidelines adopted by the commission in accordance with section 37-1720. The identification of a publicly accessible location of the guidelines, either physical or electronic, shall be considered compliance with this subdivision;

(2) The proposed terms and conditions of the contract, including any terms and conditions which are subject to further negotiation;

(3) Any bonding and insurance required by law or as may be additionally required by the commission;

(4) General information about the project which will assist the commission in its selection of the construction manager, including a project statement which contains information about the scope and nature of the project, the project site, the schedule, and the estimated budget;

(5) The criteria for evaluation of proposals and the relative weight of each criterion;

(6) A statement that the construction manager shall not be allowed to sublet, assign, or otherwise dispose of any portion of the contract without consent of the commission. In no case shall the commission allow the construction manager to sublet more than seventy percent of the work, excluding specialty items; and

(7) Other information or requirements which the commission, in its discretion, chooses to include in the request for proposals.