Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1720

Chapter 37


Guidelines for entering into contracts.

The commission shall adopt guidelines for entering into a design-build contract or construction manager-general contractor contract. The guidelines shall include the following:

(1) Preparation and content of requests for qualifications;

(2) Preparation and content of requests for proposals;

(3) Qualification and short-listing of design-builders and construction managers. The guidelines shall provide that the commission will evaluate prospective design-builders and construction managers based on the information submitted to the commission in response to a request for qualifications and will select a short list of design-builders or construction managers who shall be considered qualified and eligible to respond to the request for proposals;

(4) Preparation and submittal of proposals;

(5) Procedures and standards for evaluating proposals;

(6) Procedures for negotiations between the commission and the design-builders or construction managers submitting proposals prior to the acceptance of a proposal if any such negotiations are contemplated; and

(7) Procedures for the evaluation of construction under a design-build contract to determine adherence to the project performance criteria.