Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1404

Chapter 37


Nebraska Invasive Species Council; duties.

The Nebraska Invasive Species Council shall:

(1) Recommend action to minimize the effects of harmful invasive species on Nebraska's citizens in order to promote the economic and environmental well-being of the state;

(2) Develop and periodically update a statewide adaptive management plan for invasive species as described in section 37-1405;

(3) Serve as a forum for discussion, identification, and understanding of invasive species issues;

(4) Facilitate the communication, cooperation, and coordination of local, state, federal, private, and nongovernmental entities for the prevention, control, and management of invasive species;

(5) Assist with public outreach and awareness of invasive species issues; and

(6) Provide information to the Legislature for decision making, planning, and coordination of invasive species management and prevention.