Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1293

Chapter 37 Section 1293


Salvage branded certificate of title; when issued; procedure.

When an insurance company acquires a salvage motorboat through payment of a total loss settlement on account of damage, the company shall obtain the certificate of title from the owner, surrender such certificate of title to the county treasurer, and make application for a salvage branded certificate of title which shall be assigned when the company transfers ownership. An insurer shall take title to a salvage motorboat for which a total loss settlement is made unless the owner of the motorboat elects to retain the motorboat. If the owner elects to retain the motorboat, the insurance company shall notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of such fact in a format prescribed by the department. The department shall immediately enter the salvage brand onto the computerized record of the motorboat. The insurance company shall also notify the owner of the owner's responsibility to comply with this section. The owner shall, within thirty days after the settlement of the loss, forward the properly endorsed acceptable certificate of title to the county treasurer. The county treasurer shall, upon receipt of the certificate of title, issue a salvage branded certificate of title for the motorboat.