Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1292

Chapter 37 Section 1292


Salvage certificate of title; terms, defined.

For purposes of this section and sections 37-1293 to 37-1298:

(1) Cost of repairs means the estimated or actual retail cost of parts needed to repair a motorboat plus the cost of labor computed by using the hourly labor rate and time allocations for repair that are customary and reasonable. Retail cost of parts and labor rates may be based upon collision estimating manuals or electronic computer estimating systems customarily used in the insurance industry;

(2) Late model motorboat means a motorboat which has (a) a manufacturer's model year designation of, or later than, the year in which the motorboat was wrecked, damaged, or destroyed, or any of the six preceding years, or (b) a retail value of more than ten thousand dollars until January 1, 2006, a retail value of more than ten thousand five hundred dollars until January 1, 2010, and a retail value of more than ten thousand five hundred dollars increased by five hundred dollars every five years thereafter;

(3) Previously salvaged means the designation of a rebuilt or reconstructed motorboat which was previously required to be issued a salvage branded certificate of title;

(4) Retail value means the actual cash value, fair market value, or retail value of a motorboat as (a) set forth in a current edition of any nationally recognized compilation, including automated data bases, of retail values or (b) determined pursuant to a market survey of comparable motorboats with respect to condition and equipment; and

(5) Salvage means the designation of a motorboat which is:

(a) A late model motorboat which has been wrecked, damaged, or destroyed to the extent that the estimated total cost of repair to rebuild or reconstruct the motorboat to its condition immediately before it was wrecked, damaged, or destroyed and to restore the motorboat to a condition for legal operation, meets or exceeds seventy-five percent of the retail value of the motorboat at the time it was wrecked, damaged, or destroyed; or

(b) Voluntarily designated by the owner of the motorboat as a salvage motorboat by obtaining a salvage branded certificate of title, without respect to the damage to, age of, or value of the motorboat.