Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1289

Chapter 37 Section 1289


Violations; penalty.

It shall be a Class III misdemeanor to (1) operate in this state a motorboat for which a certificate of title is required without having a certificate of title or upon which the certificate of title has been canceled, (2) acquire, purchase, hold, or display for sale a new motorboat without having obtained a manufacturer's or importer's certificate or a certificate of title therefor, (3) fail to surrender any certificate of title or any certificate of number upon cancellation of the certificate by the county treasurer or the Department of Motor Vehicles and notice thereof, (4) fail to surrender the certificate of title to the county treasurer in case of the destruction or dismantling or change of a motorboat in such respect that it is not the motorboat described in the certificate of title, (5) purport to sell or transfer a motorboat without delivering to the purchaser or transferee of the motorboat a certificate of title if required or a manufacturer's or importer's certificate thereto duly assigned to the purchaser, (6) knowingly alter or deface a certificate of title, or (7) violate any of the other provisions of sections 37-1275 to 37-1287.