Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1288

Chapter 37 Section 1288


Prohibited acts; penalty.

It shall be a Class IV felony to (1) forge any certificate of title or manufacturer's or importer's certificate to a motorboat, any assignment of either, or any cancellation of any liens on a motorboat, (2) hold or use such certificate, assignment, or cancellation knowing the same to have been forged, (3) procure or attempt to procure a certificate of title to a motorboat or pass or attempt to pass a certificate of title or any assignment thereof to a motorboat, knowing or having reason to believe that such motorboat has been stolen, or (4) knowingly use a false or fictitious name, knowingly give a false or fictitious address, or knowingly make any false statement in any application or affidavit required under sections 37-1275 to 37-1287 or in a bill of sale or sworn statement of ownership.


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  • Laws 1996, LB 464, § 24.