Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1214

Chapter 37


Motorboat; registration; period valid; application; registration fee; aquatic invasive species stamp.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in section 37-1211, the owner of each motorboat shall register such vessel or renew the registration every three years as provided in section 37-1226. The owner of such vessel shall file an initial application for a certificate of number pursuant to section 37-1216 with a county treasurer on forms approved and provided by the commission. The application shall be signed by the owner of the vessel, shall contain the year manufactured, and shall be accompanied by a registration fee for the three-year period of twenty-eight dollars for Class 1 boats, fifty-one dollars for Class 2 boats, seventy-two dollars and fifty cents for Class 3 boats, and one hundred twenty dollars for Class 4 boats. Of each motorboat registration fee, not more than ten dollars may be used for the Aquatic Invasive Species Program.

(2) The owner of a motorboat not registered in Nebraska shall purchase an aquatic invasive species stamp for the Aquatic Invasive Species Program valid for one calendar year prior to launching into any waters of the state. The cost of such one-year stamp shall be established pursuant to section 37-327 and be not less than ten dollars and not more than fifteen dollars plus an issuance fee pursuant to section 37-406. Such one-year stamp may be purchased electronically or through any vendor authorized by the commission to sell other permits and stamps issued under the Game Law pursuant to section 37-406. The aquatic invasive species stamp shall be permanently affixed on the starboard and rearward side of the vessel. The proceeds from the sale of stamps shall be remitted to the State Game Fund.

(3) This subsection applies beginning on an implementation date designated by the Director of Motor Vehicles in cooperation with the commission. The director shall designate an implementation date on or before January 1, 2021, for motorboat registration. In addition to the information required under subsection (1) of this section, the application for registration shall contain (a)(i) the full legal name as defined in section 60-468.01 of each owner or (ii) the name of each owner as such name appears on the owner's motor vehicle operator's license or state identification card and (b)(i) the motor vehicle operator's license number or state identification card number of each owner, if applicable, and one or more of the identification elements as listed in section 60-484 of each owner, if applicable, and (ii) if any owner is a business entity, a nonprofit organization, an estate, a trust, or a church-controlled organization, its tax identification number.


Cross References

  • Game Law, see section 37-201.