Nebraska Revised Statute 33-138

Chapter 33


Juror; compensation; mileage.

(1) Each member of a grand or petit jury in a district court or county court shall receive for his or her services thirty-five dollars for each day employed in the discharge of his or her duties and mileage at the rate provided in section 81-1176 for each mile necessarily traveled. No juror is entitled to pay for the days he or she is voluntarily absent or excused from service by order of the court. No juror is entitled to pay for nonjudicial days unless actually employed in the discharge of his or her duties as a juror on such days.

(2) In the event that any temporary release from service, other than that obtained by the request of a juror, occasions an extra trip or trips to and from the residence of any juror or jurors the court may, by special order, allow mileage for such extra trip or trips.

(3) Payment of jurors for service in the district and county courts shall be made by the county.

(4) A juror may voluntarily waive payment under this section for his or her service as a juror.



  • A juror summoned for three weeks' service is entitled to be paid for every day except Sunday during the three weeks unless finally discharged before the three weeks have expired. Cochran v. Lancaster County, 94 Neb. 130, 142 N.W. 862 (1913).

  • A juror is entitled to compensation for every day that he is in attendance in court and not excused from service. Spalding v. Douglas County, 85 Neb. 265, 122 N.W. 889 (1909).

  • A juror who served on a jury impaneled in an insanity inquest was entitled to the fee provided by this section. Chappell v. Lancaster County, 84 Neb. 301, 120 N.W. 1116 (1909).