Nebraska Revised Statute 33-126.05

Chapter 33


County court; miscellaneous fees.

The county court shall be allowed the following miscellaneous fees: For delayed birth registration, for the entire proceedings, ten dollars; for depositing will for safekeeping and indexing the same, two dollars; and for each use of any credit card authorized by the court for any payment, a fee established in the manner provided in subsection (3) of section 81-118.01. The legal fees for printing notices required by law to be printed in some newspaper shall be allowed in addition to the fees allowed in this section. For the following services performed by the county court, it shall be entitled to receive the following fees: For temporary restraining order in injunction, in the absence of the district judge, five dollars; for appointment of appraisers in condemnation proceedings, fifteen dollars, plus one dollar for each additional parcel of land included in the petition when there is more than one; and for certifying report of appraisers to the county clerk or register of deeds and making transcript of the same to the district court, one dollar per page. In addition to the fees provided in sections 33-123 to 33-125, the county court shall be entitled to the following fees: For providing photocopies, twenty-five cents per page; and for executing certificate and affixing the seal, one dollar.