Nebraska Revised Statute 32-946

Chapter 32


Registered voter without residence address; mailing ballot and registration applications; oath; voting procedure.

When a registered voter applying for a ballot has no residence address within the county, the election commissioner or county clerk shall mail to the registered voter at the address designated by the voter the requested ballot materials, including a registration application, no later than the third Friday preceding the election pursuant to section 32-941 and shall enclose with the material the following oath which the voter must swear to before his or her ballot will be counted:

I, .........., do hereby swear that prior to my current absence from ...... County, Nebraska, I resided within the State of Nebraska, that during such residency it was my intention to make my permanent residence in such county, that during my current absence from such county I have not registered to vote or voted in an election in any other jurisdiction as a resident of such other jurisdiction, that I do not intend to make my present residence my permanent residence, that my current absence from such county is temporary and for a definite period of time, and that at the termination of that period I intend to return to ....... County, Nebraska, and make it my permanent residence. I acknowledge that the residence address assigned to me for voting purposes until I return to the county shall be deemed to be that of the office of the election commissioner or county clerk of the county in which my prior residence was located.