Nebraska Revised Statute 32-941

Chapter 32


Early voting; written request for ballot; procedure.

Any registered voter permitted to vote early pursuant to section 32-938 may, not more than one hundred twenty days before any election and not later than the close of business on the second Friday preceding the election, request a ballot for the election to be mailed to a specific address. A registered voter shall request a ballot in writing to the election commissioner or county clerk in the county where the registered voter has established his or her home and shall indicate his or her residence address, the address to which the ballot is to be mailed if different, and his or her telephone number if available. The registered voter may use the form published by the election commissioner or county clerk pursuant to section 32-808. The registered voter shall sign the request. A registered voter may use a facsimile machine or electronic mail for the submission of a request for a ballot. The election commissioner or county clerk shall include a registration application with the ballots if the person is not registered. Registration applications shall not be mailed after the third Friday preceding the election. If the person is not registered to vote, the registration application shall be returned not later than the closing of the polls on the day of the election. No ballot issued under this section shall be counted unless such registration application is properly completed and processed.