Nebraska Revised Statute 32-914

Chapter 32


Ballots; distribution procedure.

(1) Official ballots shall be used at all elections. No person shall receive a ballot or be entitled to vote unless and until he or she is registered as a voter except as provided in section 32-914.01, 32-914.02, 32-915, 32-915.01, or 32-936.

(2) Except as otherwise specifically provided, no ballot shall be handed to any voter at any election until:

(a) He or she announces his or her name and address to the clerk of election;

(b) The clerk has found that he or she is a registered voter at the address as shown by the precinct list of registered voters unless otherwise entitled to vote in the precinct under section 32-328, 32-914.01, 32-914.02, 32-915, or 32-915.01;

(c) The voter has presented a photographic identification which is current and valid at the time of the election, or a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document which is current at the time of the election and which shows the same name and residence address of the voter that is on the precinct list of registered voters, if the voter registered by mail after January 1, 2003, and has not previously voted in an election for a federal office within the county and a notation appears on the precinct list of registered voters that the voter has not previously presented identification to the election commissioner or county clerk;

(d) As instructed by the clerk of election, the registered voter has personally written his or her name (i) in the precinct sign-in register on the appropriate line which follows the last signature of any previous voter or (ii) in the combined document containing the precinct list of registered voters and the sign-in register; and

(e) The clerk has listed on the precinct list of registered voters the corresponding line number and name of the registered voter or has listed the name of the voter in a separate book as provided in section 32-913.