Nebraska Revised Statute 32-936

Chapter 32


New or former resident; application to vote; voting procedure.

If satisfied that the application is proper and that the applicant is qualified to vote under section 32-933, the election commissioner or county clerk shall deliver to the applicant a ballot for President and Vice President of the United States. After voting the ballot, the voter shall securely seal the ballot in an envelope furnished by the election commissioner or county clerk. On the back of the envelope shall be imprinted a statement substantially as follows:

Certification of New (or Former) Resident Voter

I have qualified as a new (or former) resident voter in this state or county. I have not applied nor do I intend to apply for a ballot for early voting from the state, county in Nebraska, or District of Columbia from which I have moved. I have not voted and I will not vote otherwise than by this ballot.

The voter shall sign and date the certification upon the envelope. The election commissioner or county clerk shall keep the envelope in his or her office until delivered by him or her to the counting board under section 32-1027.