Nebraska Revised Statute 32-611

Chapter 32


Nomination by registered voters; affidavit; requirements; candidate filing form; when required.

Twenty-five registered voters of the same political party may seek to have a person's name placed on the primary election ballot as a partisan candidate by filing an affidavit stating that they are registered voters, the political party with which they are registered, the name of the proposed candidate, and that the proposed candidate is a registered voter of the same political party. The affidavit shall be filed in the same manner and with the same filing officer as provided for candidate filing forms. The proposed candidate shall, within five days from the date of the filing of the affidavit, file a candidate filing form as provided in section 32-607 stating that he or she is a registered voter and is affiliated with the political party named in the affidavit. If the candidate filing form is not filed within such five-day period, the name of the candidate shall not be placed upon the primary election ballot.


  • Laws 1994, LB 76, § 179.