Nebraska Revised Statute 32-607

Chapter 32


Candidate filing forms; contents; filing officers.

All candidate filing forms shall contain the following statement: I hereby swear that I will abide by the laws of the State of Nebraska regarding the results of the primary and general elections, that I am a registered voter and qualified to be elected, and that I will serve if elected. Candidate filing forms shall also contain the following information regarding the candidate: Name; residence address; mailing address if different from the residence address; telephone number; office sought; party affiliation if the office sought is a partisan office; a statement as to whether or not civil penalties are owed pursuant to the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act; and, if civil penalties are owed, whether or not a surety bond has been filed pursuant to subdivision (4)(b) of section 32-602. An email address shall also be included on the filing form as an optional field. Candidate filing forms shall be filed with the following filing officers:

(1) For candidates for national, state, or congressional office, directors of public power and irrigation districts, directors of reclamation districts, directors of natural resources districts, directors of metropolitan utilities districts, members of the boards of educational service units, members of governing boards of community colleges, delegates to national conventions, and other offices filled by election held in more than one county and judges desiring retention, in the office of the Secretary of State;

(2) For officers elected within a county, in the office of the election commissioner or county clerk;

(3) For officers in school districts which include land in adjoining counties, in the office of the election commissioner or county clerk of the county in which the greatest number of registered voters entitled to vote for the officers reside; and

(4) For city or village officers, in the office of the election commissioner or county clerk.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act, see section 49-1401.