Nebraska Revised Statute 32-609

Chapter 32


Candidate filing form; designation of political affiliation prohibited; when.

The candidate filing form filed pursuant to sections 32-606 and 32-607 by each candidate for the State Board of Education, member of the Legislature, Regent of the University of Nebraska, director of a public power and irrigation district, reclamation district, or natural resources district, every other nonpartisan office created by law, member of a school board of a Class IV or V school district, and candidate for elective office of a city of the first or second class or a village shall not in any way refer to or designate the political affiliation of the candidate except as otherwise provided pursuant to section 32-557.



  • The nonpartisan judiciary act was a statute complete in itself and related to an independent subject. State ex rel. Zeilinger v. Thompson, 134 Neb. 739, 279 N.W. 462 (1938); State ex rel. Acton v. Penrod, 102 Neb. 734, 169 N.W. 266 (1918).

  • The purpose of the 1923 amendment to another act was to eliminate the apparent conflict that had previously existed with regard to the manner of electing county superintendents. McQuiston v. Griffith, 128 Neb. 260, 258 N.W. 553 (1935).

  • The nonpartisan judiciary act was independent legislation and constitutional although it materially changed certain provisions of the election laws without referring to the sections changed. State ex rel. Kaspar v. Lehmkuhl, 127 Neb. 812, 257 N.W. 229 (1934).

  • The nonpartisan judiciary act did not contemplate write-in candidates for such offices. State ex rel. Oleson v. Minor, 105 Neb. 228, 180 N.W. 84 (1920).

  • The nonpartisan judiciary act incorporates by reference all provisions of the general election laws which do not conflict with the act. State ex rel. Hughes v. Hogeboom, 103 Neb. 603, 173 N.W. 589 (1919).