Nebraska Revised Statute 32-228

Chapter 32


Election worker; notice of appointment; exemption from service; failure to serve; penalty.

(1) The election commissioner shall notify each person appointed as a judge or clerk of election, precinct inspector, district inspector, member of a counting board, or member of a canvassing board of the appointment by letter. Such letter shall be mailed at least fifteen days prior to the required reporting date for each statewide primary and general election. Each appointee shall, at the time fixed in the notice of appointment, report to the office of the election commissioner or other designated location to complete any informational forms and receive training regarding his or her duties. The training shall include instruction as required by the Secretary of State and any other training deemed necessary by the election commissioner. Each appointee, if found qualified and unless excused by reason of ill health or other good and sufficient reason, shall serve for the term of his or her appointment.

(2) No person who is a qualified prospective election worker is exempt from being appointed for a term of election service, except that any person who is seventy years of age or older and who requests to be exempted from such service at the time the election worker questionnaire form is filed with the election commissioner shall be exempt from election service.

(3) An appointee who fails to serve for the term of his or her appointment, unless excused by reason of ill health or other good and sufficient reason, is guilty of a Class V misdemeanor. The election commissioner shall submit the names of appointees violating this subsection to the local law enforcement agency for citation pursuant to sections 32-1549 and 32-1550.