Nebraska Revised Statute 32-216

Chapter 32


Election commissioner; office; records and equipment; annual inventory statement; purchases; requirements; waiver of bid procedure; when.

(1) The county board of each county which has an election commissioner pursuant to section 32-207 or 32-211 shall provide an office for the election commissioner suitable for the preservation of the records of his or her office and the performance of his or her duties. The expense of providing and furnishing such office shall be the responsibility of the county. All books, documents, papers, records, and election equipment or appurtenances held or used by or under the control of any officer of any such county or any city, village, or political subdivision of the county and relating to or used in the conduct of elections and registration of voters shall, upon request of the election commissioner, be transferred to the care, custody, and control of the election commissioner. The election commissioner shall prepare and file the annual inventory statement with the county board of all county personal property in his or her custody or possession as provided in sections 23-346 to 23-350.

(2) The county shall provide all necessary supplies, materials, equipment, and services for the registration of voters, for the conduct of elections, and for every incidental purpose connected with registration or elections in accordance with the County Purchasing Act. The county shall allow the election commissioner to purchase or acquire any material, equipment, or service needed to meet any emergency or any situation in which the procedures of the County Purchasing Act cannot be implemented in a reasonable amount of time to comply with any registration or election process required by the Election Act. Purchases related to voting systems, including creating, casting, and counting ballots, shall be subject to the bid procedure in accordance with the County Purchasing Act, except that the election commissioner may waive any bid procedure and purchase supplies and contract for services for voting systems whenever such bid procedure would in any way interfere with the timely and proper administration and conduct of an election.

Cross References

  • County Purchasing Act, see section 23-3101.


  • Election commissioner of Douglas County is not in charge of municipal elections in Sarpy County. Barton v. City of Omaha, 180 Neb. 752, 145 N.W.2d 444 (1966).

  • A county is liable for the expense of reprinting correct ballots where a mistake is discovered in ballots which have already been printed and paid for by the county. Wahlquist v. Adams County, 94 Neb. 682, 144 N.W. 171 (1913).