Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1503

Chapter 32


Registration of voters; prohibited acts; penalty.

Any person who (1) falsely impersonates an elector and registers or attempts or offers to register in the name of such elector, (2) knowingly or fraudulently registers or offers to, attempts to, or makes application to register in or under the name of any other person, in or under any false, assumed, or fictitious name, or in or under any name not his or her own, (3) knowingly or fraudulently registers in two election districts, (4) having registered in one district, fraudulently attempts or offers to register at any other election district in which he or she does not have a lawful right to register, (5) knowingly or willfully does any unlawful act to secure registration for himself or herself or any other person, (6) knowingly, willfully, or fraudulently, by false impersonation or by any unlawful means, causes, procures, or attempts to cause or procure the name of any registered voter in any election precinct to be erased or stricken from any register of the voters of such precinct, (7) by force, threat, menace, intimidation, bribery, reward, offer or promise of reward, or other unlawful means, prevents, hinders, or delays any person having a lawful right to register or to be registered from duly exercising such right, (8) knowingly, willfully, or fraudulently compels, induces, or attempts or offers to compel or induce, by any unlawful means, any deputy registrar to register any person not lawfully entitled to registration in such precinct or to register any false, assumed, or fictitious name or any name of any other person, (9) knowingly, willfully, or fraudulently interferes with, hinders, or delays any deputy registrar in the discharge of his or her duties, (10) counsels, advises, induces, or attempts to induce any deputy registrar to refuse to perform or neglect to comply with his or her duties or to violate any of the provisions of the Election Act, or (11) aids, counsels, procures, or advises any person to do any act forbidden by this section or to omit to do any act by law directed to be done shall be guilty of a Class IV felony.


  • Laws 1994, LB 76, § 402.