Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1017

Chapter 32


Centralized location; ballots-cast container; Rejected Ballots envelope; summary of votes cast.

(1) Upon completion of the counting of votes, the counting board shall place all voted ballots in the ballots-cast container. Rejected ballots shall be placed in the envelope designated Rejected Ballots, and the envelope shall be sealed and placed in the ballots-cast container with the voted ballots. The ballots-cast container shall then be sealed.

(2) The counting board shall prepare a summary of the votes cast and deliver the summary to the election commissioner or county clerk. When write-in votes are totaled in accordance with section 32-1008, the write-in votes shall be totaled as an aggregate for any such office. The election commissioner or county clerk shall release unofficial returns from the summary.


  • Laws 1994, LB 76, § 311.